Clegg Hall

Clegg Hall

Clegg Hall is a grade 2* listed building,built in 1607. This jacobean building had been left to crumble for many years. Its previous occupant in the 1920’s had used it to shelter livestock! Fenced off the building was to all intents beyond salvation. The roof and all three floors had collapsed. Amongst the debris and soil internally nature had taken hold with a number of trees visible above the roofline.

It was only a matter of time before the remaining structure would have to be demolished due to health and safety concerns. We undertook this project with great determination to restore it to its former glory. Work began with
excavation both internal and external. Repairs to internal and external stone with our in house stone masonry team then followed. Next came the roofing team alongside the expert and specialist carpentry joiners. Sequentially the floors(over 10,000 sq ft oak plank) and staircases were added. Installation of all mains services and utilities were established. Stone mullion windows now ready and in good repair we set about the fitting of 369! heritage approved iron framed and leaded glass windows. Now comprising of 25 rooms with plumbing, central heating and all electrics in place. The decorative plasterwork was started. Aside from the extensive cornice plaster mouldings which decorated the walls and ceilings, we commissioned a local artist to design and make latex mouldings depicting the local countryside. Plaster mouldings were made and added to the main hall to give a unique touch.

The whole project received much praise and local press coverage. Neighbours close by were delighted that the ruins had now been transformed and substantially improved the overall aspect of the area.

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