Healey Hall

Healey Hall

Healey Hall is a grade 2 Georgian Listed building built in 1774. Consisting of 38 rooms 14,000 sq. ft., over four floors. The hall has over 70 Georgian sash windows and set in extensive grounds. Before HHD undertook this project the hall had been boarded up and derelict. Previous to this it had been fitted out and was a nursing home for many years.
In common with many listed buildings of this type. The hall had only received superficial works mainly decorative to bring it in line with the nursing home requirements.

Our project objectives at HHD at the commencement of work starting in march 2000 were to re convert it back to a family home. Incorporating and enhancing the Georgian features. The work commenced on a rip out of the tired institution décor and basically the building was stripped back to brickwork. At the same time major work had begun on the roof which needed work on timbers and re slating. All 6 stone chimneys were rebuilt. At the same time the Victorian Landscaping and drainage excavations were well underway. Work could now start on Installing the 70+ sash windows. Once the building was watertight we were able to start work on the next phase.

Rewiring, plumbing and a state of the art central heating system all completed. Plastering of all rooms and hallways and the fitting of bathroom toilets were completed before a magnificent fitted kitchen complete with aga cooker were expertly and tastefully completed.
Onto the next phase and with extensive historical research done alongside what remained of the period features that remained. We started decorative works on the ornamental plasterwork to walls and ceilings. The hall had a number of large rooms that had part of the original inlaid
decorative marquetry floors. All were damaged and the painstaking work began on fixing and mending piece by piece began.

Finally, the attention to fine detail was in evidence as our master craftsmen painted the floral gilt and patterned ceilings and walls. The inlaid flooring received as much attention in the endless polishing and restoration.

So, in a period of two years and once again coming in under budget the Healey hall project was completed.

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